When is the best time to plant a fruit tree?

Trees are a welcome addition to any backyard! And if you’re wanting to add a fruit tree to your landscape, there is no time like the present (the present being dormant season, that is).

5 ways to tell your figs are ripe

Figs can be a finicky fruit–they don’t ripen off the tree, like apples or pears. In Victoria, what is considered a cooler climate for figs, we only get what’s called the breva crop. These are figs produced on last year’s branches, ripened into ready-to-eat fruit for this year’s harvest.

Codling moth

Fruit trees are amazing and we love our Urban Orchard for the abundant harvest it provides each year. However, we’re not the only ones who love these trees and their fruits–pests come out of the woodwork (literally) and wreak havoc on the harvest. All pests are annoying, but codling moth can be particularly tricky for the trees in our own backyards.

The importance of winter tree care

Caring for fruit trees during dormancy Shh—they’re sleeping! As trees on Vancouver Island shed their leaves, did you know that they are preparing for dormancy? Also known as the resting period, the dormant season occurs during the early winter months when the amount of daylight decreases and temperature drops. Trees slow their growth and buckle … Continued

Deck the halls with medlar

Did you know there is a medieval fruit among us? There are a couple of places in Victoria where you’ll happen across medlar trees.

Is your fruit really ripe for the picking?

This year, fruit is running a bit behind schedule. Mother Nature has put her thumb on the scale and while our tree stewards have managed to keep accurate records from years past, in response to changes in the season fruit is ripening a week to ten days later than expected.

LifeCycles’ New Backyard Blend Cider!

LifeCycles’ New Backyard Blend Cider! Our Backyard Blend cider launch at Spinnaker’s Brewpub was a success! A big thank you to all who came out and shared in introducing this delicious new social enterprise venture. If you still want to buy some bottles of this delicious cider, look for the Backyard Blend in Spinnaker’s liquor stores … Continued

A record breaking year for the Fruit Tree Project!

A record breaking year for the Fruit Tree Project! This year the Fruit Tree Project harvested over 50,000 lbs of fruit and vegetables! It was only made possible by our AMAZING team of over 200 volunteers, who collectively spent more than 1,400 hours harvesting from backyards and farms. All of this adds up to less food waste … Continued