We believe that food is at the heart of thriving, diverse communities and a healthy planet. Our work creates learning experiences that transform and strengthen our connections with each other and the natural world.


Leah Seltzer
Program Manager
Matthew Kemshaw
Executive Director
Tim Fryatt
Social Entrepreneur
Rowen Warrilow
Welland Orchard Coordinator


Michael Brinsmead
Susan Tychie
Jess Gunnarson
Jasmin Brown
Lisa Willott
Rhianna Nagel


The seeds for LifeCycles Project Society were first planted in 1994.

In 1994, our founding members attended an international youth exchange in Santiago, Chile. The youth exchange program worked with local organizations to explore issues facing Canadian and Chilean communities, with a goal of developing projects that would enhance the quality of life within urban communities. LifeCycles’ founding members learned about the links between globalization, the corporatization of food systems, environmental degradation and food insecurity. They identified a need to spread awareness around issues with food security and increase food production within the urban community.

LifeCycles’ first project was the development of community gardens, tended by youth, whose harvests supplied local soup kitchens. Our programs have since grown from there to include a number of interrelated initiatives that seek out to address urban sustainability and food security by offering practical, accessible and hopeful solutions.

We believe that local action, rooted within the community, is the most effective way to create change.

While the maxim Think Globally, Act Locally may seem simplistic, it is still the best model for social and environmental action. This principle is the cornerstone upon which the LifeCycles Project was founded, and it is why we have endured as one of Victoria’s best-loved community organizations. LifeCycles is empowering because our initiatives make sense. LifeCycles creates possibilities.


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