Is your fruit really ripe for the picking?

Is your fruit really ripe for the picking?

This year, fruit is running a bit behind schedule. Mother Nature has put her thumb on the scale and while our tree stewards have managed to keep accurate records from years past, in response to changes in the season fruit is ripening a week to ten days later than expected.

June was unseasonably wet and July was unseasonably slow, so while fruit should be ripe, volunteers have discovered that it isn’t. 

Because of this, many picks have been scheduled only to be post-poned. If you have requested a pick, but have yet to see us in your backyard, this is likely the reason why!

Don’t fall for falling fruit

Just because apples are dropping doesn’t mean they’re quite ripe. Often what happens with trees that haven’t been thinned is that underripe fruit gets pushed off the branch by fruit that continues to ripen, and seeing this fruit on the ground tricks us into thinking it’s ready to pick.

How to tell if your fruit is ripe:

Cut it open!
When you slice into an apple, are the seeds white or light brown? If yes, it isn’t yet ready to pick. The seeds of a ripe apple are dark brown or almost black in colour.

Taste it!
Does the apple taste vegetal or really sour? If yes, it isn’t yet ready to pick. Ripe fruit should taste sweet, even when balanced by acidity.

By taking a quick moment to double check your backyard fruit’s ripeness, you’ll definitely be doing your part to ensure The Fruit Tree Project stays on top of harvesting the Urban Orchard.

We’re so thankful to all of our volunteers for their efforts to keep The Fruit Project going. Our tree stewards, fruit pickers, and fruit sorters are all so important to our continued success!

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For more information on how to know if your fruit is ripe, watch below!