Over our 25 year history, LifeCycles has created a fascinating collection of resources and publications. Here’s a snapshot of some of them:

Community Research

Urban Agriculture and Food Security Initiatives in Canada: A Survey of Canadian Non-Governmental Organizations. (1998) Developed in partnership with the Cities Feeding People Program of the IDRC.

Greening Rooftops in the Garden City. (2002) Research paper by Heather Hobbs.

Food Literacy Pilot Report. (2017) Co-developed with Cool Aid’s Downtown Community Centre.

From the Ground Up: A guide for food based community organizers working with people who are marginalized. (2015) Co-developed with S.O.L.I.D.

School Gardens and Food Curriculum

Teacher Gram – Sustainable Agriculture. (1996) “A 5 Part Learning Resource for Secondary Schools.” Co-developed with VIDEA.

Where in the World Does Your Food Come From? (2002) “A Series of Lessons on the Global Food System and Local Alternatives for the Elementary School Level.”

Patterns Through the Seasons: A Year of School Food Garden Activities. (2002). Co-developed with Evergreen.

Creating an Outdoor Classroom. (2005) “School Food Garden Implementation Manual.”

Food Security-into-Drama Workshops. (2010) “Workshops for the Classroom and Community.”

Fruit Tree Project

Harvesting Abudance: How to Start a Fruit Tree Project. (2002) Co-developed with the Nelson, Vancouver and Richmond Fruit Tree Projects.

Helping Pollinators

Let Me Tell You ‘Bout the Bees

Bee Gardens: Create Habitat for Bees in Your Backyard

Protecting Pollinators: Native Bees and Pesticides