Farm Gleaning

Our region's farmers are brilliant, hardworking folks who produce an amazing diversity of foods. But not all of this food makes it to market every week.

LifeCycles provides a professional gleaning service to help rescue and redistribute surplus farm produce to help feed the entire community in a way that works for farmers.

How It Works

We have adapted the gleaning systems developed by our successful and long running Fruit Tree Project in order to empower an efficient, volunteer supported gleaning service for local farms.

Currently all farm produce is distributed to Food Share Network members through the Food Resuce Project. Our goal is to increase access to nutritious local produce for people experiencing food insecurity.

Participating farms are given tax receipts for the fair market value of the food gleaned from their farm. LifeCycles organizes the logistics and tracking of all food harvested, picked-up and distributed, and cultivates relationships to support participating farms.

Farm gleans are managed primarily by experienced volunteers.