Become a member

Support our work! We believe that the first step towards making a difference is to get our hands dirty--literally. Our projects involve hard work. Dirt under our fingernails, heavy boxes of fruit, sunshine on our back type work. By becoming a member, you can help us continue to do this work and make lasting change in our community.

As a LifeCycles member, you help our ongoing efforts to create, educate, and empower our community in the pursuit of a sustainable, inclusive local food system.

How do I become a LifeCycles member?

Our flexible membership model allows anyone who believes in our mission to become a member and show their support. We offer the option for a paid or free membership, with the option to automatically renew.

There are two ways to sign up as a member:

Person kneeling in front of leafy greens at a school microfarm, holding a pair of scissors, ready to harvest.

Become a volunteer

As a volunteer, you are a LifeCycles Member! If you haven’t volunteered with us before, you can register as a volunteer by creating an account in the Gleaning Hub.

Person holding out cardboard flat of different bundled herbs, such as sage, cilantro, chives and rosemary.

Register as a member
(without becoming a volunteer)

We know that not everyone has the time, energy or ability for boots on the ground volunteer activities. If you do not have the capacity to volunteer, we would love to still offer you a seat at our membership table. Registration is simple and only costs $25. Just click the link below and you will be redirected to our membership form.

Why should I become a member?

By becoming a member, you align yourself with LifeCycles’ goals, support our mission, and become part of our movement to create a sustainable, inclusive food future. As a member, you become a voice for our organization and an advocate for a better food system in the community, and you can make real change happen with voting privileges at our Annual General Meeting. 

Membership fees go directly towards funding our projects: Fruit Tree Project, Farm Gleaning, the Victoria Seed Library, and the stewardship of the Welland Orchard. Support from our volunteer members provides the foundation we need to continue enhancing the way folks live and eat in Victoria.