Fruit Tree Project

We turn falling fruit into a whole new way to think about life in the Greater Victoria region. By changing the way folks interact with the Urban Orchard and their community, we can transform their relationship with the local food system.

Through connecting dedicated volunteers with fruit trees in the Greater Victoria region, we distribute fruit that would otherwise go to waste to those in the community who will use it. Beyond the harvest season, we offer education and professional tree services to continue to support the health and rejuvenation of the Urban Orchard.

What happens to the fruit we pick?

LifeCycles Community Sharing Model

After fruit is left with the tree steward, the remaining amount is shared between volunteers and LifeCycles.

Volunteers then sort the fruit, with high quality, ready-to-eat produce going to community food service agencies. Fruit that is more suitable for processing is then turned into unique artisanal products that appeal to those in the community with high access and purchasing power, like our Backyard Blend cider made in collaboration with Spinnakers brewpub or the Totally Pitted Golden Plum Sour made in collaboration with Whistle Buoy Brewing

We flip the standard market arrangement with our community sharing model, ensuring that the highest quality fruit is given away to community food service agencies. 

Get fruit harvested

If you are a tree steward with a surplus of fruit, register your tree(s) for our FREE volunteer-led picking service.

Via our Gleaning Hub you can register tree(s), access your harvest history, and set preferences.

Show your trees some love

Did you know we offer professional tree care services? Keep your trees happy and healthy with annual pruning, or pick up tricks of the trade with a prune along.

Join the harvest!

Each year, the project is supported by hundreds of volunteers like you.