Fruit Tree Project

The Fruit Tree Project helps people take care of our region’s fruit trees.

We connect tree owners with lots of fruit, to harvest volunteers who pick and distribute the abundance.

To support tree health and orchard revitalization, we offer education and professional fruit tree care services.

We also make exceptional, small batch products.

Don’t Let Good Fruit Go Bad

If you are a tree owner with fruit to share, please sign into our system to register your fruit tree(s) for our FREE volunteer powered picking service. From here you can register trees, access the harvest history of your trees, and set preferences.

Love Your Fruit Tree

We provide fruit tree care services to help you keep your tree healthy.

Join in the Harvest as a Volunteer

Each year our project is supported by hundreds of pickers and a dozen or two volunteer harvest leaders.

What Happens to the Food We Pick?

We flip the standard market arrangement, where the best quality food goes to those with the highest purchasing power. Instead, our community sharing model ensures that the highest quality fruit is given away to community food service agencies. We then transform the least desirable (scabby, wormy, over-ripe) fruit into unique artisan products that appeal to people with high access and purchasing power.