Community Food

For over 25 years, LifeCycles has been partnering to offer practical food and garden education. We advocate for healthy local food systems and food justice for everyone.

Our Community Food work is about collaboration.

We work alongside food banks, meal providers, food retailers, farmers, indigenous communities, public institutions and a diverse array of organizations to make food better for people, for communities, and for the planet.

Food Share Network

LifeCycles acts as the Chair of the Food Share Network Steering Committee and has provided leadership at this table since the Food Share Network’s inception.

Good Food Strategy

LifeCycles has provided ongoing input and leadership throughout the development of a regional Good Food Strategy. We remain committed to working with a wide network of actors to realize collaboratively set collective impact outcomes for our region.

Collaboration with Housing Providers

We have a long history of supporting innovative food and garden programming in partnership with the region’s social housing providers.