Community Food Program

Learn, grow, eat and share. For over 20 years, LifeCycles has been partnering with social service agencies to offer practical food skills and gardening education to community members. These programs support local food systems and fosters food justice awareness throughout our community.

Working Together

Together, we create local food systems, from seed to soil, to deepen understandings of where our food comes from and to increase access to fresh, healthy and local food. Our Community Food Programs are about more than recipes and labels; they are about fostering an awareness around food justice and supporting communities to actively participate in a secure local food system.

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Current Community Food Programs

The People, Plants and Homes Program
is a partnership between LifeCycles Project Society and BC Housing. This program strives to create welcoming spaces for tenants to grow, cook, share and discuss food. We distribute plants, soil and seeds, and provide gardening workshops to all ten of the directly managed BC Housing sites in the Capital Regional District.


Eat Laugh Learn! is a community kitchen project for youth and families.  In a fun and supportive environment, participants gain new skills and ideas for creating nutritious, delicious and affordable meals made from local, seasonal ingredients.

Participants learn about whole foods cooking, local foods, eating healthy on a budget, meal planning, shopping for healthy foods, reading food labels, food preservation, adding local ingredients to cultural dishes and cooking without common food allergens. This program particularly seeks to support young adults who take on the role of a caregiver in their families and communities.

In 2014-2015 Eat, Laugh, Learn! offered cooking and nutrition workshops to families affected by Huntington Disease, partnered with Pacifica Housing to offer a cooking skills program to youth in family housing and held a community kitchen series where youth and families shared their favourite recipes with each other.

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