Fruit Tree Care

From educational resources to professional tree care, we have what you need to love your fruit trees. We’ll work with you to determine your tree goals and provide care that doesn’t break the bank.

Let us help keep your trees healthy & beautiful!

Our Tree Care Services

As LifeCycles concentrates on re-envisioning our organization, we will not be providing tree care service this year. Instead, Tim Fryatt will continue providing fruit tree care including, pruning and pruning education, tree restoration and general maintenance under his own Fruit Tree Care enterprise. If you’re needing help with your fruit trees, you can contact Tim at to book pruning for your trees for 2024.

Person on ladder with red pruning shears, about to make a cut of a branch.

Annual Pruning 

Consistent pruning reinvigorates tired wood, maintains your tree’s size and shape, and enhances the penetration of light and air leading to better tasting fruit (higher sugars and aromatics). Pruning also stimulates the formation of flowering buds and fruiting spurs and is a primary method for removing disease before it becomes widespread.

Leafless tree with two massive piles of cut branches at the bottoms.

Restoration Pruning 

A multi-year approach to rejuvenating trees that are older, overgrown, damaged, or significantly neglected. Fruit trees have long lives and most elder trees have experienced periods of neglect or inconsistent care. We specialize in multi-year fruit tree restoration that aims to reinvigorate your tree, extend its life and get it to a place where it can be easily maintained with some basic annual maintenance.