Sowing Seeds

A colourful array of beans

The Power of Sowing Seeds

Making our world a better place, one seed at a time

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the news these days, we’re there with you. The issues we face both locally and globally can feel colossal. How can we maintain a sense of agency amidst such an onslaught of crisis? Here at LifeCycles, we believe one small way we can remind ourselves of the potential we all have to change our world for the better, is by sowing seeds. Literally.

Sowing seeds can be a miraculous, multifaceted experience. We’ve witnessed seeds that have begun to sprout but aren’t able to reach their full potential despite our best efforts. We’ve celebrated seeds that have grown and flourished even in the most difficult conditions. In both instances there is growth and the opportunity to try again.

For the most part, you only need a few things: seeds, soil (sometimes, you don’t even need soil!), water and light. In this corner of the world, we’re fortunate to have many knowledgeable community members who generously share their expertise. Below are a few resources we love to consult. You will find information on how to sow seeds, what time of year is best to start certain varieties, whether to plant indoors or directly sow outdoors and how to care for your seedlings once sown. 

If you don’t have space for an outdoor garden, we encourage you to get creative when sowing your seeds. Perhaps a favourite herb for your windowsill that you can add to your meals, or experiment with sprouting or growing microgreens. Feel free to get in touch with us about the Victoria Seed Library, where we have a great selection of seeds available for free to members. Becoming a member is easy: all you have to do is attend an online orientation. Our next orientation is March 30th: Click here for the link.

By eating something that we have grown or by enjoying the beauty that the plant offers, we can remind ourselves that no matter what life throws at us we can still make our world a better place, one seed at a time.

Resources (click for links): 

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Linda Gilkeson (Ph.D) is the author of BC bestseller Backyard Bounty: The Complete Guide to Year-Round Organic Gardening in the Pacific Northwest. Her website has abundant gardening tips available.

West Coast Seeds has a plethora of resources available on various gardening topics. Check out their handy regional planting charts.