2021 Last chance donations

Have you made your 2021 charitable donations?

It’s not too late to make a difference!

2021 is just about to come to a close. As we reflect on this year, we’re proud of all we’ve managed to accomplish in the face of unprecedented, well, everything.

Through our projects, we were able to take steps towards a more sustainable and inclusive future (you can get a firsthand account of all of our accomplishments in 2021 here). Part of why we’re able to continue making a difference in our community is because of donors like you. 

When you give a financial gift to LifeCycles, you are directly supporting the creation of a better future, one that prioritizes community health, environmental health, and knowledge. 

Why should I donate?

This past year in British Columbia, we felt the impacts of the climate crisis in our own backyard. Records were set across the province and not in a good way. The heat dome, the wildfires, and most recently the floods and mudslides have destroyed ecosystems, displaced residents, and taken lives. 

The greatest threat to our continued existence is the climate crisis. What can you do to help? 

One small step you can take is to support organizations like us. We are doing everything we can to provide the knowledge and skills needed to strengthen our communities in the face of this global crisis. We’re doing what we can to provide hope for a better future.

Every dollar makes a difference. All funds go directly towards supporting our projects, which directly supports educating our community about food and food security, teaching the importance of food systems and biodiversity, and providing skills and knowledge necessary to create a sustainable, inclusive food future. 

  • $100 pays for one seed saving workshop, where we can educate our community on the importance of preserving biodiversity in our region. 
  • $250 will help us buy tools and supplies necessary to steward Welland Orchard and make it a place where all can enjoy. 
  • $500 harvests 10 trees and puts pounds of fresh produce back into the community. 
  • $750 sponsors a teen for Seed the City, our youth program that teaches about growing, harvesting, and sharing food.

Our programs are about more than just food. We provide education and support that empowers our community. Through food, we provide the tools, resources, and knowledge that can ease some climate anxiety and empower participants. Our projects provide the opportunity to take the crisis into your own hands and plant a native plant bed,  preserve your own food or harvest community fruit. These might sound small in the face of a global crisis, but what we are building is a movement to create overarching social change. And that starts with something small. 

Above all, we provide a space for everyone to connect–a commodity that has grown increasingly valuable as we continue to navigate the pandemic.  

Our programs give opportunities to connect with the land and each other. Our projects teach skills and offer hope. 

Not only will you be contributing to a better food future in Greater Victoria, but donations of $20 or greater will receive a tax receipt. This is truly a win-win!