Celebrate Mom

6 sustainable gifts for Mom

Celebrate the moms in your life with gifts that keep giving

With Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to give you some ideas on sustainable ways to celebrate and show your mom how much she means to you! We’ve come up with a list of local gifts that show your mom you care while also helping to support the relationships between building healthy food systems, healthy communities and a healthier planet.

Living a sustainable lifestyle is important and with Mother’s Day coming up, we wanted to talk about sustainable ways to celebrate. We’ve come up with a list of local gifts that not only show your mom you care, but can also support the relationship between healthy food, a healthy planet, and a healthy community.

  1. Fresh, local flowers
    Instead of grabbing cut flowers from just anywhere, why not stop by your closest local florist or greenhouse? You’ll support a local business and you can purchase flowers sourced sustainably. Is your mom the type to grow-it-herself? Consider gifting a seed-starting kit!

  2. Bespoke art (like when you were a kid, but better)
    Remember when you used to make macaroni collages at school to take home for your parents? This is like that, but better. Commission art from your favourite local artist or shop their pre-made goods! There are so many talented makers in our town so you’re sure to find something unique, handcrafted, and incredibly special!

  3. A fun and educational workshop
    Learn something new! Get hands-on with mom at the Compost Education Centre with one of their workshops. Not only will you get to spend time with your mom, but you will both come away with skills to help make your home, garden and our planet a better place.  

  4. Cycle together to Welland Orchard
    The best gift is time spent together. Meet up with mom for a bike ride up to the Welland Orchard, a large community park stewarded by LifeCycles that is easily accessed from the Galloping Goose. Wander through the orchard and take a peek at the budding fruit on the many trees (apple, pear, fig, sour cherry, paw paw, medlar, and more). Most fruit might not be ripe for the picking just yet, but you can pack your own snacks for a lovely Mother’s Day picnic!

  5. South Island Farm Hub Produce Box
    Treat your mom to the best produce in the CRD (and support local farmers while you’re at it). These curated boxes include delicious vegetables delivered right to your door. Learn more about the boxes on the South Island Farm Hub’s website.

  6. A donation to your favourite not-for-profit
    Show your love for your mom by donating to an organization that means a lot to the both of you. By donating to an organization like LifeCycles, you are helping to support projects that connect our community with healthy food, educate future food leaders and care for our urban orchard.