Towards a culture of abundance

Towards a culture of abundance!

LifeCycles now has a Management Team! We’ve spent the winter restructuring staff roles, in order to promote a culture of abundance and foster our capacity to create together. We are excited to introduce a new Executive Director, Matthew Kemshaw and new Program Managers: Shereen Kukha-Bryson, Jenny McCartney and (on an interim basis) Tim Fryatt.

Our team is increasingly comprised of professional folks with experience in the fields of: food justice, experiential education, orchard management, community engagement, business planning and garden design.

Our strategic plan for the coming years has us focusing on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of our community based programs, while developing creative, healthy social enterprise opportunities to enable the long-term health and sustainability of our organization.

We look forward to a diverse and flourishing future here on the Coast Salish Territories of southern Vancouver Island. Let’s continue to work together to connect people with the foods they eat and the lands, air and seas it comes from!