Fruit Tree Project

Thanks to this city's great abundance of fruit and helpful hands, the Fruit Tree Project harvests between 30,000 and 40,000 lbs of fruit from privately owned trees that would otherwise go to waste. The harvest is then shared four ways: among homeowners, volunteers, food banks & community organizations and back to the project itself.


The stately old fruit trees in backyards across the city are the legacy of orchards that once flourished in Victoria. With the rise of industrial agriculture, cheaper fruit from the Okanagan, the US and New Zealand has taken over the market, because of their durability and good looks. As a result, many varieties that were valued in the past for exceptional texture, taste, good storability or tradition are being lost.

The Fruit Tree Project was developed to make use of this valuable resource and to celebrate another way of doing things, one where we feed ourselves from local orchards and gardens, celebrate the diversity and uniqueness of different trees, time the passage of seasons by the ripening of fruit, and share with our neighbours and those who are most in need.


Community Rooted

The Fruit Tree Project aims to to do more than just save and share fruit. We also revive and foster community resilience through farm gleaning, growing and sharing regionally adapted heritage varieties of fruit and nut trees, and tree propagation. Here at the Fruit Tree Project we view gleaning and fruit tree stewardship as an empowering and celebratory way forward in the face of growing food insecurity due to poverty, environmental degradation, climatic shift, and the inevitable non-viability of industrial agriculture.

For more information on regionally adapted fruit trees and farm gleaning email

New Volunteers

There are lots of ways you can join the harvest! Volunteering might mean as little as showing up to one pick, or as much as leading picks throughout the season. Sign-up below (the "Volunteer" button) and you’ll receive all the information needed to get gleaning, including a password to access our online Pick Sign-up.

Click the volunteer button to learn about roles and to register.

Already a Volunteer?

If you have already signed up as a volunteer, use the username and password you were given to participate in or lead a pick. If you're unsure or have any questions, contact the volunteer coordinator.

Do you have a Fruit Tree?

Fruit Tree If you are a TREE OWNER with fruit to share, please use our online form to register your fruit tree(s) for picking from July 1 until October 31.

Having your tree(s) harvested by the Fruit Tree Project couldn’t be easier, and with pickers harvesting up to 25% of the fruit for yourself, and redistributing the rest to those in need.