Seed the City Youth Program

Seed the City is a program for high school students where they can gain work experience in gardening and farming, earn credits towards graduation, and become part of the local food movement in their city.

During this 8-week summer program, students build community and transferable skills through growing and selling food that is produced on school grounds, and participating in field trips and workshops at local farms. Through this program, students in the Greater Victoria School District are eligible to receive high school course credits.

Seed the City has been cancelled for 2023

Please check this website in early 2024 for updates about next year’s program, which will be available to SD61 students in grades 9-11.

Seed the City in action!

Watch past videos here!

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Student testimonials

Students harvesting their fresh greens from their school ground micro farms.

“I learned so much from this program. From how to sow seeds, to how to harvest and preserve produce. I was able to make meaningful connections with my peers through our shared passion for what we were learning. I had so much fun, met so many inspiring people and ate a lot of good food. I highly recommend.”

– Grade 12 Student

Two students each holding armfuls of freshly picked onions.

“It has definitely impacted my confidence in feeling like I have my life together. I have had quite a bit of stress about after high school and this program has eased it.”

– Grade 11 Student

Two students smiling at their market booth, displaying their mixed greens.

“Being outside doing hard gardening work has truly made me feel like I’ve accomplished something.”

– Grade 10 Student

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