Schoolyard Micro-Farms

We support the development and maintenance of gardens and micro-farms in consultation with individual school communities.

These gardens promote social and emotional well-being in students and teachers and can be a source of high quality, nutrient dense food for your school community!

Schoolyard micro-farms

In partnership with TOPSOIL Innovative Urban Agriculture, we are working to grow more nutritious food on school grounds. By locating productive urban farms and gardens at schools, we are increasing access to healthy food, creating therapeutic learning environments, and training the next generation of food systems leaders.

TOPSOIL’s modular farming system can be placed on any surface, and is a great way for schools to test out large scale food production at their site. 

Food from these micro-farms is used in school meal programs with opportunities for students to participate in experiential learning as they work to harvest and grow nutritious food for their school community.

Contact us to learn more about setting up a micro-farm at your school!

Have you heard about Seed the City?

In partnership with the Greater Victoria School District, we deliver a summer work experience program for high school students where they can gain skills in urban farming and gardening, earn credits towards graduation, and become part of the local food movement in their city. Learn more!