Artisanal Fruit Products

Each year, we pick thousands of pounds of backyard fruit. Most of this harvest goes directly into the community, and fruit that requires more processing is transformed into delicious, small batch products with local partners.

We pride ourselves on creating high quality products that capture the taste and spirit of this place, and allow us to get our story out into the community in a different way.

Close up of Backyard Blend cider bottle. the green and white label easily legible, reading: A strong dry cider, made with rescued apples.

Backyard Blend Cider

Crafted in collaboration with Spinnakers brewpub, our unique cider is a seasonal mix of a dizzying variety of apples, sourced from Victoria’s own backyards. The flavour is something you won’t find anywhere else! 

Backyard Blend hits shelves early in the calendar year and you can find it at Spinnakers brewpub or at their liquor stores in Vic West and James Bay. 

two square slabs of quince paste on a charcuterie board, with a slides quince behind it.

Quince Paste

In partnership with the culinary program at Royal Bay Secondary, we process quince (a notoriously difficult fruit to eat fresh off the tree) into a Spanish-style membrillo or paste. This sweet but slightly tart flavour is perfect to pair with cheese and bread on any charcuterie board. You’ll find this product at Spinnakers brewpub and Ottavio’s Deli in Oak Bay. 

Our products are available seasonally. Each year is a different harvest, and we work tirelessly to ensure nothing goes to waste. If you’d like to learn more about our work in the community, visit our projects page