Having the skills to grow and prepare our own food is fundamental to our sense of well-being:


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Organizations and Businesses Offering Workshops



Compost Education Centre
Cook Culture
Cordial Wildcrafted Consumables
Dirty Apron
Garden Works

Gourmet For You
Haliburton Farms
Horticultural Centre of the Pacific
Kallayanee’s Kitchen
London Chef
Master Gardeners Association of BC
Victoria Public Market at the Hudson

Types of Workshops Offered

Workshops on composting, gardening and food preservation
Cooking Classes
Foraging Workshops
Cooking Classes
Gardening Workshops
Foraging Workshops
Cooking Classes
Educational opportunities for students wishing to learn more about farming
Gardening workshops for everyone from children to adults
Cooking Classes
Workshops and related services run throughout LifeCycles’ Programming
Cooking Classes
Gardening Workshops
Workshops and events to connect with First Nations cultural teaching and practices
Workshops on food skills for immigrants and a Welcome Gardens program.
Community kitchen and cooking workshops


Neigbhourhood Houses and Community Organizations




Workshops, Good Food Box
Workshops, community meals, Good Food Box
Workshops, community meals, Good Food Box
Workshops, community meals
Good Food Box
Workshops, community meals, Good Food Box
Workshops, community kitchen, community meals
Workshops, community kitchen
Services, Good Food Box
Community meals, Good Food Box

Edward Milne Community School Society
Fairfield Gonzales Community Association
Fernwood NRG
James Bay Community Project
Oaklands Community Centre
Quadra Village Community Centre
Saanich Neighbourhood Place
Shelbourne Community Kitchen
Victoria Native Friendship Centre
Victoria West Community Association


If you don’t find what you’re looking for, or if you think we’re missing an organization, feel free to contact us at info@lifecyclesproject.ca

The Food Empowerment Project was made possible by the financial support of The Victoria Foundation.

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