Past Projects

Over the years we have been involved in supporting dozens of programs and businesses, many of which continue to thrive. Community gardens such as the James Bay Neighbourhood Garden of All Sorts, farmers such as Robin Tunnicliffe of Saanich Organics, school programs such as PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱ native plants and garden program, and food related businesses such as Wildfire Bakery and ReFuse have all been supported by LifeCycles programming.

Past Projects

Youth Community Entrepreneur Program: From 1999-2010 LifeCycles ran a successful youth entrepreneurship program. The program supported 12 youth (16-30 years) each year, enabling them to: develop business plans, explore community micro-business opportunities and launch local enterprises. The Program was unique in its emphasis on the creation of sustainable agri-food businesses to strengthen our local food supply. Several continuing local businesses were supported by this program, including: Re-Fuse, Wildfire Bakery, Camas Books and Infoshop and several organic farm businesses. A shift in federal funding priorities led to the demise of this program.

Community Gardens: LifeCycles has and continues to support a number of Community Gardens across the Capital Region.  We have been responsible for supporting the construction of schoolyard, community centre and daycare gardens, community gardens and community food commons (too many to list). For 25 years we have supported and promoted community greening in urban areas and we continue to hold the lease and insurance requirements for the Neighborhood Garden of All Sorts in James Bay and the PanFlora Garden in the 900 block of Pandora St.

PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱ Native Plants & Garden Program: Since 2011, PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱ has been running a native plant and garden program located at ȽÁU,WELṈEW̱ Tribal School in Brentwood Bay. PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱ means “Blossoming Place” in SENĆOŦEN, the language of the W̱SÁNEĆ people. From 2013-2016 LifeCycles joined the program to support fundraising and program delivery. The program offers opportunities for Tribal School students to share and learn about healthy and traditional foods in hands-on workshops and provides year round food systems programming, food celebrations and feasts for W̱SÁNEĆ students from kindergarten through to adult learners. The goal is to raise awareness about the importance of traditional foods and native plants in our food systems, incorporating this understanding into our collective conversations about food security. Please visit to learn more or contact Judith Lyn Arney, PEPÁḴEṈ HÁUTW̱ Native Plants & Garden Program Coordinator at


Our Approach

From our inception, we have supported local people in creating community through tangible projects that improve the health and integrity of our local land and food systems. Some of the projects we've had a hand in have grown wings and flown on their own. A few have decomposed back into the earth to feed other ways of thinking and acting. Through it all, we have always maintained a commitment to connecting people to food, and the land it comes from.