Volunteer for the Fruit Tree Project

New to the Fruit Tree Project and unsure of which role would suit you best? Curious about how you can assist us with your special skills? Or intrigued by the Harvest Leader position? Learn about the volunteer roles below and sign up at right.


Fruit Picker

Sweet and simple, help us pick fruit (and take home a portion for yourself)! You’ll receive training from a harvest leader on site at your first pick.

Harvest Leader

Our dear Harvest Leaders are the backbone of this whole beautiful thing. It’s also the most demanding role, and thus perfect for the volunteer hoping to sink their teeth a little deeper into the juiciness of the fruit harvest. In this role you get to:

  • choose when and what you want to pick
  • drive the LifeCycles van to and from picks
  • coordinate volunteers onsite
  • pick, weigh, document and sort fruit

And how do we thank you for the gift of your time? With fruit, fruit products, and fruit preserves of course! We also provide training and ongoing support.

Tree Assessor

Help us to determine the readiness and amount of fruit on trees in your neighbourhood. If you’re interested in this role, let us know what neighbourhoods you’re able to check out. And just because you’re not involved in the picks, doesn’t mean we won’t fill your boots with fruit!

Warehouse Super Hero

Keeping our warehouse, walk in refrigerator, office and van organized is key to the smooth functioning of this program. We also crunch some pretty interesting data from all our operations, back at our Viewfield warehouse HQ. Superheros to help keep things organized are crucial. Popeye had spinach, our super hero’s tend to be fueled by a rich diversity of local fruits.

Fruit Redistribution

In this role you get the pleasure of driving around town once every two weeks, and distributing delicious local fruit to food banks, community centers and other community services in need.

Get Involved

If you've already signed up for the Fruit Tree Project and are in our system, head over here to log in as either a Picker or Harvest Leader. If you simply have a fruit tree and would like to register for its fruit to be picked, head here.

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