Fruit Products

Each year we pick thousands of pounds of backyard fruit. All of this fruit has amazing character and flavor. Some of it needs to be processed to be properly enjoyed. Our craft products are designed to make best use of those fruits that are best suited for processing.

Taste of the Island

LifeCycles uses some of the harvest from our Fruit Tree Project to make delicious products with a great story.

We pride ourselves on creating high quality products that capture the taste and spirit of this place.

Our products are available seasonally. Follow us to learn the latest of where you can get these delicious and unique offerings.

Try Our Cider

Our Backyard Blend Cider usually hits the shelf early in the calendar year and is sold at Spinnakers liquor stores while supplies last.

Try Our Quince Paste

We work with the culinary program at Royal Bay Secondary to produce an exceptional product that pairs well with cheese, charcuterie and bread. Follow us to learn where to find it in season.