Fruit Tree Care

We offer tree care services to help care for the Urban Orchard. We strive to offer an exceptional service at a competitive price. Our team of orchardists and arborists are passionate fruit tree nerds. We take pride in our work, no matter the size of the job.

Our Services

Professional Pruning

Annual Pruning encompasses a combination of thinning, heading back and removal of dead and diseased wood. Consistent pruning reinvigorates tired wood, and maintains your tree’s size and shape. It enhances the penetration of light and air leading to better tasting fruit (higher sugars and aromatics). Pruning also stimulates the formation of flowering buds and fruiting spurs and is a primary method for removing disease before it becomes widespread.

Restoration pruning is a multi-year approach to rejuvenating trees that are older, overgrown, damaged, or significantly neglected. Fruit trees have long lives and most of them have experienced periods of neglect or inconsistent care. LifeCycles specializes in multi-year fruit tree restoration processes that aim to reinvigorate your tree, extend its life and get it to a place where it can be easily maintained with some basic annual maintenance.

Learn Along Pruning

Want a more direct approach? Try our Learn-Along Service. We offer a hands-on session with one of our tree care experts, that will take place in your very own backyard. Sessions include summer and winter prune along. If there are topics you want to learn about, let us know and we can design something to fit your needs. We want to set you up to take good care of your tree for years to come.

Pest Management and Consultation

If you are planning to plant some new trees or looking for ways to make your existing trees healthier, we also offer on-site consultations. Our consultation may touch on site selection and preparation, species and varietal selections, training systems, pollinator ecology, healthy soil, pest and disease management, irrigation, guild planting and more.

Keeping your tree healthy and productive can be a challenge. Untended fruit trees can quickly become unmanageable. Pests and disease, if left untreated, undermine a tree’s integrity, longevity and beauty. The good news is that fruit trees are very resilient! With some compassionate care, most trees can be restored and given new life. A well-pruned tree is a thing of beauty - and will continue to give back in years to come.

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“Excellent program. Lovely fellow. Listened to what I was trying to achieve. Did a great job in a very reasonable time. Knowledgeable, personable. Would have him back next fall.” “I was really pleased with the pruning; Todd was great, he did a wonderful job, and I would welcome you back next year. I was especially pleased because I’ve been having these trees pruned for years, and this was significantly less expensive.”