The Backyard Blend Cider is available NOW in Spinnaker’s liquor stores in James Bay and Vic West. It is only available while supplies last, and the proceeds go to support the Fruit Tree Project!

The Backyard Blend is born of our longtime collaboration with Spinnaker’s bringing together the remarkable medley of apples harvested by Lifecycles and the rich expertise of their craft-brewers. Since the 90’s Spinnakers has been committed to being ‘relentlessly local’ in their approach to food and beverage. Along with making West-coast fare and craft-brew beers from regionally sourced ingredients, Spinnakers has sought to support community groups, like ourselves, who work diligently to increase food access and food literacy. Spinnaker’s has supported us since the beginning.

As it says on our label, “the uniqueness of our product reflects the uniqueness of our partnership.” The juice we use to make this blend is comprised from an unparalleled diversity of varieties sourced from over 300 different households all in the Greater Victoria Area. This diversity gives the Backyard Blend an exceptional complexity that is impossible to replicate year to year. Each batch is a limited edition. The Backyard Blend is a ‘hyper-local’ product, and is, as far as I know, the only Cider anywhere to be sourced almost entirely from within an urban setting. As our tagline suggests, “it couldn’t get more local than right next door.” No other local product connects so directly to such a broad community.