Apple Cider Vinegar

This cider vinegar is pressed from whole apples and fermented with wild yeasts. Spinnakers uses traditional methods to convert alcohol into acetic acid without preservatives, resulting in a full-flavoured and aromatic vinegar.

Our apple cider vinegar is produced in partnership with Spinnakers and reaps the benefit of their knowledge and expertise. Spinnakers is well known locally for developing quality products, and as anyone who has tried one of their beers knows, they are experts at the art of fermentation.

This apple cider vinegar is also unique in that the apples come from many different trees, from all across the Greater Victoria Regional District. These apples represent the culmination of effort of our many volunteers and fruit tree owners, who have made it possible for us to gather enough fruit to feed over 17,000 food insecure people and still have enough apples left over to create this cider vinegar.


When you buy a bottle of LifeCycles Fruit Tree Project vinegar, you not only support our community based endeavors, you also are buying a piece of our local heritage. This cider vinegar is unlike anything that you can find in a grocery store: the diverse origin of the fruit, along with the traditional fermentation process, ensures that each bottle is like a piece of art with its own unique flavor and aroma.