Fruit Tree Products & Services

LifeCycles stewards the Urban Orchard for the benefit of all. Our unique suite of products and services are designed to help you care for the urban orchard and relish its abundance. We use a portion of what we harvest to make high quality value added products and provide tree care services to discerning tree stewards.


LifeCycles uses the abundant fruits harvested each season to make delicious value added products. These products are made primarily from those misfit fruits not ideal for fresh eating. Through the magic of gastronomy we make high quality products that you can your family will love.

We also provide a suite of tree care services to ensure the health, beauty and productivity of your backyard trees are maintained.

Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing any of our products or services.


What we Offer


Alongside our beloved fruit harvesting service, LifeCycles now offers restorative fruit tree care services and education to ensure we give back to the trees that sustain us. Learn About Our Fruit Tree Care Services


This cider vinegar is pressed from whole apples and fermented with wild yeasts. Spinnakers uses traditional methods to convert alcohol into acetic acid without preservatives, resulting in a full-flavoured and aromatic vinegar. The best apple cider vinegar is made from a mix of varietals. And since our apples are sourced from fruit rescued from backyards across our city you’ll never find a more unique blend. Every batch is an adventure.


LifeCycles’ has created a new hard cider crafted by Spinnakers’ illustrious brewers that is designed to accentuate the diversity of apple varieties harvested by fruit tree project. LifeCycles’ cider celebrates the age-old tradition of “use what you have,” and as a result it captures an ever-changing balance of the sweet, acidic and aromatic that, like a homemade cider, is delicious but impossible to repeat.


To make our quince paste we follow a traditional membrillo recipe. After slow roasting the fruit, we stew the tart quince fruit with sugar until it reduces into a thick jelly-like paste. Quince paste has a balanced sweet and sour flavour that is delicious when paired with cheeses or spread on toast. This is a delicious way to enjoy a heritage fruit with ancient roots.