Fruit Tree Registration

We harvest tens of thousands of pounds of fruit each year by connecting volunteer pickers with generous homeowners. We then redistribute the resulting yield forward to over 45 community partners. We also support tree care and provide tree owners with resources to help care for our abundant urban orchard.

Register Your Fruit Tree

It’s easy to have your tree(s) harvested by the Fruit Tree Project. With pickers leaving up to 25% of the total harvest for you and redistributing the rest to those in need, it is a wonderful service. Signing your tree(s) up to be picked is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Consider the value of our service.

    This year, we are requesting your support to help us increase our capacity. Those who give help us pick more trees and are therefore prioritized for picking. Your help enables us to get to everyone who registers.

    Basic Harvest: Recommended donation $50.

    You get: your tree(s) picked, yard tidied, quarterly tree care e-newsletter and sticker.

    Tree Care Package: One time donations of $100 or more.

    You get: all of the above plus a tree care booklet and organic fruit tree fertilizer.

    Urban Orchardist: Monthly donors of $10 or more.

    You get: all of the above plus our project t-shirt.

    DONATIONS CAN BE MADE HERE, or mailed or delivered to our office (address below).

  2. Estimate when the bulk of your fruit will be ripe.

    Give us your best guess by using our ripening chart. Don’t worry about being wrong, we just need a best guess. If you have multiple trees with varying ripening dates, sign the trees up separately. Take note of when your trees ripen to improve accuracy in future years. If your tree(s) ripen early, feel free to give us a call or email.

  3. Register your tree(s) through our online system.

    Pick the week in which you think your tree will be nearing ripeness. We prefer to pick before fruit becomes soft – stone fruits, pears, and figs do not store and ship well if left to fully ripen on the tree.

Choose a week

Register your Fruit Tree with LifeCycles Fruit Tree Project
Jul. 3rd - Jul. 9th Sign Up
Jul. 10th - Jul. 16th Sign Up
Jul. 17th - Jul. 23rd Sign Up
Jul. 24th - Jul. 30th Sign Up
Jul. 31st - Aug. 6th Sign Up
Aug. 7th - Aug. 13th Sign Up
Aug. 14th - Aug. 20th Sign Up
Aug. 21st - Aug. 27th Sign Up
Aug. 28th - Sep. 3rd Sign Up
Sep. 4th - Sep. 10th Sign Up
Sep. 11th - Sep. 17th Sign Up
Sep. 18th - Sep. 24th Sign Up
Sep. 25th - Oct. 1st Sign Up
Oct. 2nd - Oct. 8th Sign Up
Oct. 9th - Oct. 15th Sign Up
Oct. 16th - Oct. 22nd Sign Up
Oct. 23rd - Oct. 29th Sign Up
Oct. 30th - Nov. 5th Sign Up

Picking Calendar

Please peruse the calendar below and choose when you think will be the best time for our Volunteers to come pick your trees(s). If you are unsure, or it’s a new tree, please use these dates as a guide:
  • JULY


    Late June - Early July

  • Yellow Plums

    Early July

  • Transparent Apples

    Mid July - Early August


    Cherry Plums

    Late July

  • Victoria Plums

    Mid Aug

  • Apples (most varieties)

    Early Aug - Late Oct


    Italian Prune Plums

    Mid - Late Aug

  • Bartlett Pears

    Late Aug
    *need to be picked before they are yellow and ripe

  • Bosc Pears

    Mid Sept - Early Oct



    Mid Sept - Early Oct