Fruit Tree Pruning

If you want quality fruit, you have to take care of the trees. Our professional staff have spent years learning the specific art of fruit tree pruning. We know our way around this niche field of tree care and are excited to be working with you to improve the health of our urban orchard! Check out our specialized services and register your tree below.

Specialized Fruit Tree Service

We are proud to offer Tree Care Services to support tree owners in caring for robust fruit trees. We offer two services during the winter (January-March) and summer (July) pruning season:

    1. Traditional pruning. Let our expert fruit tree pruners enhance your backyard trees’ health, vigour and production. We tailor our service to your unique needs, and we can offer a range of plans from annual maintenance to long-term recovery. In this service, we do everything.
    2. Professional prune-along service. This hands-on service provides a more intimate approach to tree care and helps people gain confidence in caring for their own trees. Our experienced fruit tree pruners are adept teachers and will prune with you. We guide you through the most difficult cuts and set you up for success in caring for your tree throughout the year. In this service, we prune with you.

To receive a quote and speak with our staff about your specific tree care needs, please:

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LifeCycles has developed a close relationship with fruit trees over the past 20 years. Our staff have a deep appreciation for the region's fruit trees and their unique needs. Our tree pruners have years of experience pruning in commercial and community orchards, and have dedicated years of study to the very specific art of fruit tree pruning. We offer a specialized and unique set of skills for professional pruning of figs, pome (apple, pear, quince, medlar) and stone (plum, cherry, peach, nectarine) fruits.


“Excellent program. Lovely fellow. Listened to what I was trying to achieve. Did a great job in a very reasonable time. Knowledgeable, personable. Would have him back next fall. Great program.” “I was really pleased with the pruning; Todd was great, he did a wonderful job, and I would welcome you back next year. I was especially pleased because I’ve been having these trees pruned for years, and this was significantly less expensive”