A Record Year for Fruit Rescue

Though there remains so much more to do…


Dear Community Member,

We believe in food’s ability to heal, empower and bring people together.

We see this every day through our work: when we’re helping people harvest and access local fruits and vegetables through the Fruit Tree Project, or hosting gardening or canning workshops for low income residents, or seed saving events at the library. LifeCycles’ work enlivens people’s relationships to food and the land that it comes from.

2016 has been a year full of success, but it has also been a wake-up call.

With a dedicated crew of volunteers, the Fruit Tree Project rescued 60,000lbs of fruit and vegetables this year – an all-time record.

Yet we could not get to even half of the backyards that registered this year.

Our online sign up system that pairs volunteers with fruit picks was unable to cope with the growing demand for our services. And we only have 1 cargo van to pick and distribute all that food. These issues amplify our lack of staff capacity to meet all the demand for our Fruit Tree Project’s services.

We’re asking for your help to improve our infrastructure.

You can help us most by becoming a monthly donor. All gifts this season will help increase our capacity to meet the needs of this community-rooted project.


We live in challenging times and the team at LifeCycles recognize that now, more than ever, we need to be building local food systems that can meet the diverse needs of our community. Sharing food that would otherwise go to waste is one powerful way forward in the face of growing food insecurity.

Your past donations have made our work possible. We thank you for your continued support!


Maurita Prato

Executive Director
LifeCycles Project Society